Thomas Pansing
602 809-6116


Pansing undertakes projects for the opportunity to express a passion for grace, beauty and elegance. He sees architecture as a finely sculpted container of both flow and views with an understated presence that emphasizes big art, big landscape and big sky. Architecture is a medium to be looked both at and through: where what is unseen is as important as what is seen. Flow in his designs connect together room corners and preserve the centers of rooms for art and views. The viewer relaxing in the luxury of home is central to the composition.

Remodern arises from the word remodel. The existing world is an inherited legacy to be built upon and transformed. Remodern means ‘regarding modern’ and revisits, renews, re-conceptualizes and re-invents mid-century modernism without being ‘retro’. Remodern speaks with a voice inspired by precedent reshaping the material world into an affirmation of the relevance of both history and the aliveness of today’s cultural sensibility. Remodern is a bridge between past and present connected by the timeless.

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